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Stress, work and health

In the interplay between society, the individual and health, casual relationships can be investigated to prevent diseases at population level. The arena is the individual’s entire life and covering how childhood and working life affect health, quality of life and successful aging. The current research has shown that the psycho-biological methods are important in learning more about correlations between psycho-biological processes and disease. Our research also focuses on improved methods to assess work-related exposures in the association between work-related exposures and health outcomes and work-related outcomes.

Objective: The objectives of our research program are:

1. Identification of work-related risk factors for ill health. Particularly, focus areas are psycho­physiological mechanisms, shift work, negative social relations and psychological work factors.

2. Improvement of methods for assessment of work-related exposures. We participate in the continued development and validation of the Copenhagen Psychosocial Questionnaire (COPSOQ).


  1. Antecedents, mechanisms, and long-term consequences of negative social relations 
  2. MEMORIA – work stressor, perceived stress and dementia
  3. Activities on shiftwork and health
  4. In the middle of the night
  5. PhD students


Åse Marie Hansen (professor, research group leader), Kazi Ishtiak Ahmed (PhD student), Jakob Bjørner (professor), Matias Brødsgaard Grynderup (post.doc), Sabrina Islamoska Imeroski (PhD student), Kirsten Nabe-Nielsen (associate professor), Karsten Thielen (associate professor), Eszter Török (PhD student)

Activities: The research group has weekly meetings.

Contact person: Professor Åse Marie Hansen